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Kamis, 29 April 2010

About My Junior High Friends..^^

I have many friends who can make my world become so shine and full of colour.^^

a few days ago 4 my friends hold a party.
the party for celebrated their Group Birthday..
the group name is 'EMPATES'

(= =a)

emm..dont ask me why they give that name...

the group is contain with 4 unFunny Peoples with their own skill.
Theres Nicko who really great in EVERY SUBJETS
and Dami who reall addicted with Guitar and he is an artist ..heheh

Theres Haris ..the most UnFunny People in there..=.=,but he is nice..
and last is Prasetyo ...the most silent and the most NYOLOT people in there...

The party was so fun and make me nostalgic some my memories in junior high.


Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Miwa no nikki 100417(SOEDARSONO CUP)


today my class X.9 have a match with X.2 in soedarsono cup.
and yeah we lost...

the score is 6-12
chotto zannen desu ne?

demmo,we still get the runner up place in the group ..heheh..so we still can conntinue the match!!

I felt a little regret before..
cause i think my class isnt a cohesive class...
so sad for said this..but i think thats true..
Thats the answer why our class never have suporter much when the match hold.
even i know eveeryone in my class have their own activity that they want to do on weekend so they couldnt come today,but i feel really miss that...supporter.

If  i watch another class,i can heard and see many their class's member come and support their friends.
i always ask to myself,"when my class can do like that too?"
gomen if its a little stupid think..

Although we will go in different way but my class members are my first friend in senior high.
and i will never forget you all..

beside that i want to apologize to dhiah,fiqih,indira,ervina,nci edel ..
im so sorry i was mad before..
and so egoist...gomen nasai.
Thanks to all of you who watched and supported us today...^^

dont give up we still can continue the match!!

Rabu, 14 April 2010

Miwa no nikki 100414 (Inobu ticket presale already out now!)

for you all who want to come to SMAN 1 BEKASI big event from NIHON CLUB 
that is 'INOBU 4'

Buy Your ticket in here now!

Inobu 4 sman 1 bekasi info

Inobu is Ichi Gakuen no Bunkasai...^^
the event is about Japan's Festival

in Inobu we will have Obake(japan's ghost house),Angklung performance from ITB,Some Greatest BanD Cover,Bon odori,Showi Room,taking photo with Yukata,Watch Movie and many more...!!

also Theres many competition..such as :
~Yu Gi Oh

So come on guys order your ticket now!!!^^

Senin, 12 April 2010

Miwa no Nikki 100412

"you back from school so early,thats so unusually,you know?"
the pedicap man who pick me to home said that.=,=
hmm..i dont know if he always watch me back home at night...

but he is right,today i back to home early...
cause i didnt play with atashi no seme,dimuy,nabila,or kijeng..
i felt really tired and want to back home as soon as possible..

i feel not excited today..
ok,maybe i feel sad because last night..but i think thats so baka.
ok,forget that now miwa..!

aa...i got accident today..
exactly the 'wet accident'

This the story....



Author : QaishuMiwAkimoto
Cast : ->Me
->Dhiah pangesti
->Ghea Nuraisyah

its started when I and 3 my friends went to the mosque for pray..
and this the cronology ...

Me : (look at dhiah)

Dhiah : (prepare her self for take wudhu)

Me : (got an evil idea)

Dhiah : (still didnt notice theres a devil me beside her)

Ghea : (talked to me)

Amel : (prepare herself)

Me : (get closer to dhiah and prepare my evil's)

Dhiah : (open the faucet in front of her)

Me : (move my hands at both side of dhiah's waist and tickle her)

Dhiah : (dancing her waist so baka!)"Arrrghhh!!!stop playing me..!!"

Me,Ghea,Amel : (laugh so devil and still tickle her)"ahahahahahahah..."

Dhiah : (still dance>,<)"wait!!aaargh...!!you make my skirt wet!!huhu..."

Me : (laugh and stop tickled her)"ahahahahah....thats good!!"

Then 3 of us(amel,ghea and me) laughed so loud at her.
i couldnt stop my laughed to her while i prepare my self for wudhu.
i still laughed laughed and laughed...untill i didnt see what kind of faucet that i touched...

Me : (look at dhiah)"ahahahahah...(open the faucet)ahahahah...HWAAAAAA!!!"(became panic)

All students in there including dhiah,ghea and amel looked at me so shocked.
I became so wet in 3 seconds!
full wet!!

My uniform wet...

my hair?wet!

my face...??of course super wet!!


all peoples in there still silent when i tried to repair the faucet with wet situation.
then after i finished that i looked at them with poor expression..
and They Laughed so loud to me...especially Dhiah.
she looked so happy when she knew my body was so wet at that time.

Urgh..!!!baka faucet!!baka faucet!!baka faucet!!
and ...Baka me!!!>///////<
im so shame at that time...
my uniform so wet and my friends laughed at me..and also my senpai who arrived after that..

demmo,thats can be a lesson for me..
dont try to disturb someone or you will get the punishment more than them...>,<

for me...
i got more wet than Dhiah today....

Dhiah : (Looks like a winner to me)"Hahahahhahah...!!!you got the punishment...taste that!!"

Me : (bitter smile to her)"oh yeah,im really glad..cause actually i feel so hot and need water more..~aahahah.."

~The wet accident end~

Hmm...hope all of you who read this can got many lesson.
a,i must study for my exam tomorrow...and prepare some assigment..*sigh*

jya minna!

Minggu, 11 April 2010

Goodbye Days -Yui

Dakara ima ai ni yuku
Sou kimetanda
POKETTO no kono kyoku wo
Kimi ni kikasetai

So I’ll go to you now, I’ve made up my mind
I want to play you the song in my pocketg

Sotto VORYUUMU wo agete
Tashikamete mita yo

I quietly turned up the volume to make sure

oh Good-bye days ima
Kawaru ki ga suru
Kinou made ni so long
Kakkoyoku nai yasashi sa ga soba ni aru kara
~with you

Oh good-bye days
I feel like things are changing now
So long yesterday and before
I have a clumsy tenderness by my side
La la la la la
~With you

Katahou no IYAFON wo
Kimi ni watasu
Yukkuri to nagarekomu
Kono shunkan

I pass you one earphone
And in that moment, it plays slowly

Umaku aisete imasu ka?
Tama ni mayou kedo

I am, I'm loving you, right? Sometimes I get confused

oh Good-bye days ima
Kawari hajimeta mune no oku alright
Kakkoyoku nai yasashi sa ga soba ni aru kara
~with you

Oh good-bye days
Now what’s in my heart has begun to change, alright
I have a clumsy tenderness by my side
La la la la la
~With you

Dekireba kanashii
Omoi nante shitaku nai
Demo yatte kuru desho?
Sono toki egao de
Yeah hello!! my friend nante sa
Ieta nara ii no ni...

I don’t want to have sad thoughts if I can help it
But they’re bound to come, right?
When they do, I’ll smile and say
"Yeah, hello!" I hope I can call you
My friend...

Onaji uta wo kuchizusamu toki
Soba ni ite I wish
Kakkoyoku nai yasashi sa ni
Aete yokatta yo

When we sing the same song
Be by my side, I wish
I’m glad I found that clumsy tenderness

...Good-bye days

Jumat, 09 April 2010

Miwa No Nikki100409

First of all ...
i will explain about the tittle mean...

Miwa no Nikk mean Miwa's Diary..


Today i go to school like always...
even when i woke up i felt a little headeache and my body felt really faint..

maa,but thats not a reason for not attend school i think..
so i went to school by motorcycle today.

My school looks like always...
clean and so big...!
ahahahha...i dont know why but i just realised it now.>,<
My school life also like always....crazy and...


i cant explain it..

cause too many baka things that i always did together with my lovely class..

my class in the grown up mode now...
almost all the member are in the falling in love mode...

omoshiroi desu ne...?^^

for me i dont know what they feel about make a relationship with boy/girl
demmo,i know they all happy..and thats make me feel happy too..

also for my friend who work hard for  make someone can see her/him^^
ganbatte kudasai ne i will help you..!!

i think thats enough...
hmm..tomorrow My school will have charity night!
and My NIHON KURABU will have Bon Odori Perform...~


Kamis, 08 April 2010

Yarakashi and Orikiri.....~

im in school now..my teacher said we must post some posting again in here...

maaa....what i want to post ne...?>,<

so i decided to post this article from my notes in facebook..

about Yarakashi and Orikiri...Dozoooo...~

a few days ago i bought a magazine and in there,theres an article about Yarakashi and Orikiri.

I will share it with you all,cause it really make me shocked and a bit angry ne..

maybe some of you have understand what is the mean of yarakashi or orikiri.

Yarakashi is Fans who really Fanatic to their idol and like to make trouble and hurt their idol or another idol also the others fans if they didnt like he/she.

Orikiri mean fans who really try to meet with their idol by doing the extreem things.(like stalking their idol)

and in this magazine i read almost all the victims of yarakashi and orikiri are from Jhonny's Jimusho..

1. Orikiri Victims :

Ikuta Toma & Yamada Ryousuke

one of the crew in the filming with Ikuta-san said,"When ikuta toma came to the studio setagayaku for the filiming,a man who looks like orikiri have waiting him since early morning in front of the studio with smilling face and eat the bubblegum."And in the next day,the man didnt appeared in that studio but they came to stalked Yamada Ryousuke.It always continued,He came to stalked ikuta toma and after that to yamada ryousuke.This Orikiri also wait them in front of their house until many hours.Even the staff and their(ikuta&yamada) Manager tried to talked to him,he didnt stoped it.Finally,Johnny's Jimusho did a hard way to him by the law way.They said,JE have a relation with Yakuza for be the bodyguard of their artist.

2. Yarakashi Victims :

~Kamenashi's accident
Before this accident happened,actually kame and some of kat-tun members have said something bad about NEWS member,and that made kame being yarakashi's target.when KAT-TUN have a show in osaka,some yarakashi came and dissturbed their show,like brought the uchiwa "kame go die!" and they shouted "Kame shut up!" when kame was talking in the mc talk part.That made him really shocked and looks almost cry.When Kame's solo the yarakashi shout "jinjinjin".Jin's self didnt care to the yarakashi and go to supported kame.In another concert,theres 30 peoples who didnt have ticket force to enter the hall.They also throw many things to the member,pull their shirt so hard,and disturbed another audience.(URGH~!BAD YARAKASHI!!)


it happened when theres a rumour about P and maki goto(hello!project)
someone who felt jealous to him,throw the danger liquid to yama-p.Fourtunately,that didnt make him in serious injury,and didnt throw that to his face.

~Jin akanishi

2 girls stalked him when he just finished attended his party before he went to U.S.A with some close friends called akanishi's gundan.The party was end at 3 am after that Akanishi-san went to his friends house in setagaya.the accident was happened in here,when suddenly 2 girls saw akanishi in there as immediately and they ran to akanishi by motorcycle.akanishi tried to stoped them by shouted a sentences,but the yarakashi didnt stoped and became more agresive to akanishi and his friends.
finally,they save by hide behind the truck.

~Yamada Ryousuke,Nakajima Yuto,Daiki Arioka,and Chinen Yuuri

Four member of HeySay Jump! almost stop for schooling cause the stalking case by the yarakashi.
The yarakashi always stalked them everyday and throw the ruccish anywhere.The headmaster of horikoshi's almost drop yamada,chinen,yuto and daiki out from horikoshi cause made the school became not conducive.But finally,the yarakashi have secured and the HSJ's member can still go to school until now.

for the further information just check at here..

akanishi yarakashi
hey!say!jump yarakashi
yarakashi hurt kame
JUMP and yarakashi

sankyuu for read,..^^